Who are we?

Concept 2015, Global 2020.

We've all seen the wallcharts being produced for major tournaments, but here at Wallcharts 360 we think they've got a role to play in the regular season as well. For the past 5 years this is exactly what drove the creator of Wallcharts 360, Matthew, to create a wallchart for his team's season. This concept has now grown into a globally accessible database of wallcharts covering English teams from the Premier League to League Two. As a keen follower of the football league it was important to Matthew that the top 92 teams were included from the outset, although expansion into other leagues is also planned. With the help of design guru Harry, this collaboration sees 2 friends venture into an exciting opportunity: create wallcharts for football fans around the world and raise money for charity whilst doing so.

At Wallcharts 360 we understand the significance of club colours which is why our logo can be recoloured to suit any team. We have created custom colour palettes for every team based on the colours used in their kits both currently and from those with historical significance. By using these unique colour schemes in our wallcharts, we are able to offer fans a wallchart that not only has the fixture data but also looks the part.

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