Finished with Aplomb

To “finish with aplomb” is to score a goal neatly, stylishly and with total authority. Often the ball will end up nestling in the bottom corner past the outstretched glove of a flailing goalkeeper. This blog is pretty similar.

032 - West Ham [POEM]

21st March 2021 - Matthew
'West Ham' by Chris Metcalfe

031 - Rovers [POEM]

2nd January 2021 - Matthew
'Rovers' by Chris Metcalfe

030 - Marching on Together [POEM]

30th December 2020 - Matthew
'Marching on Together' by Chris Metcalfe

029 - Blackpool [POEM]

28th December 2020 - Matthew
'Blackpool' by Chris Metcalfe

028 - The Gunners [POEM]

24th December 2020 - Matthew
'The Gunners' by Chris Metcalfe

027 - On The Wirral [POEM]

19th December 2020 - Matthew
'On The Wirral' by Chris Metcalfe

026 - DCFC [POEM]

6th December 2020 - Matthew
'DCFC' by Chris Metcalfe

025 - The Beast [POEM]

23rd November 2020 - Matthew
'The Beast' by Chris Metcalfe

025 - The Millers [POEM]

17th October 2020 - Matthew
'The Millers' by Chris Metcalfe

024 - The Tykes [POEM]

17th October 2020 - Matthew
'The Tykes' by Chris Metcalfe

023 - The Alex [POEM]

10th October 2020 - Matthew
'The Alex' by Chris Metcalfe

022 - Plymouth Argyle [POEM]

6th October 2020 - Matthew
'Plymouth Argyle' by Chris Metcalfe

021 - Charlton Athletic [POEM]

3rd October 2020 - Matthew
'Charlton Athletic' by Chris Metcalfe

020 - The Foxes [POEM]

27th September 2020 - Matthew
'The Foxes' by Chris Metcalfe

019 - Mighty Red Men [POEM]

24th September 2020 - Matthew
'Mighty Red Men' by Chris Metcalfe

018 - Spurs [POEM]

22nd September 2020 - Matthew
'Spurs' by Chris Metcalfe

017 - Big Names [POEM]

19th September 2020 - Matthew
'Big Names' by @Metcalfe56Image from Everton programme cover vs West Brom (19/09/20)

016 - Up The Owls [POEM]

18th September 2020 - Matthew
'Up The Owls' by Chris Metcalfe

015 - Donation to Mind Charity

17th September 2020 - Matthew

Today we were able to give Mind Charity a second donation. Mind ensures no one has to face mental health problems alone. Thanks for your donations.

This donation is for £22.50 bringing our total up to £42.50!

014 - Behind the Design: False Nine

17th September 2020 - Matthew

Loosely based on a formation board, this design is named after the modern position occupied by the likes of Messi and Firminho due the similarities shown to that formation. The textured background is coloured using the teams dominant kit colour, allowing a clear identity to emerge from an otherwise simplistic design.

013 - Forest Green Rovers [POEM]

17th September 2020 - Matthew
'Forest Green Rovers' by Chris Metcalfe

012 - Toon Army [POEM]

15th September 2020 - Matthew
'Toon Army' by Chris Metcalfe

011 - Behind the Design: Floodlight Friday

14th September 2020 - Matthew

Lighting up the Incessant Rain

But can they do it on a cold, wet and windy Tuesday night away at Stoke? Whilst it may not be the most attractive side of the English game, our weather certainly helps to add some spice to the season. This idea has been captured using a striking image of a classic floodlight tower lighting up the incessant rain. Fixtures are displayed using 3 letter acronyms for each team. Fixtures read across each row with each fixtures alternating position allowing for a fluid look to the block of fixtures. The title Floodlight Friday uses the popular hashtag used by fans posting photos of the more unusual stadium floodlights around the world.

010 - Blue is the Colour [POEM]

14th September 2020 - Matthew
'Blue is the Colour' by Chris Metcalfe

009 - Boing Boing Baggies [POEM]

13th September 2020 - Matthew
'Boing Boing Baggies' by Chris Metcalfe

008 - The Hatters [POEM]

12th September 2020 - Matthew
'The Hatters' by Chris Metcalfe

007 - Behind the Design: Hexagonal Goal Net

12th September 2020 - Matthew

Bright, Bold & Striking

Inspired by the hexagonal goal netting seen at stadiums up and down the country, this design features tessellating hexagonal blocks filled with each fixture. The central panel is filled with bright, bold and striking colours inspired by each team's kit history. Reading down each column, fans are able to fill in scores in smaller hexagonal shapes within each fixture block. The teams cup competitions are also shown in a blank space in the lower section of the wallchart. Given the spurious nature of cup fixtures throughout a season, each fan will have the opportunity to fill in their own teams fixtures in these competitions.

006 - Clough [POEM]

12th September 2020 - Matthew
'Clough' by Chris Metcalfe

005 - Championship Predictions 2020/21

9th September 2020 - Matthew

The Premier League money in Watford's back pocket will see them make an instant return in my Championship predictions. Maybe I'm being hopeful but it would be great to see one of the classic big teams return to the top tier in Nottingham Forest. I've placed them in second following a couple of years of improvement. New ground, new striker but no need for a new style of play for Brentford. If they continue with the form of last season they will surely be there or there abouts. Joining the Bees in the play-off places are Bristol City, Norwich City and my boldest prediction in all 4 divisions.. Coventry City. It's happened so many times when a team goes straight through the Championship that you almost forget they are a newly promoted team. I don't believe they have the best squad but instead a strong team spirit and a winning mentality. Joining the Championship mid-table regulars are AFC Bournemouth who I believe will miss their talisman Wilson more then expected. Just sneaking outside the relegation zone, despite facing a 12 point penalty, I have Sheffield Wednesday. Their squad still boasts some top championship talent and ironically the ability to spend again in January if need be. My bottom 3 consists of newly promoted Rotherham who I predict to continue their yo-yoing, Luton Town who may struggle after last season's great escape and Wycombe Wanderers. As a supporter of the underdog I'd love to see Wycombe do well. I am particularly excited to see Adebayo Akinfenwa test himself against some stellar centre halves in the division. Unfortunately I think it will be one step too far in the Ainsworth era fairy tale, but they will at least come close to survival in my opinion.

(club badges not property of Wallcharts 360)

004 - League One Predictions 2020/21

8th September 2020 - Matthew

Is it time for Sunderland to return to the Championship? I've gone for it in my League One predictions. Joining the Black Cats in the top 2 are Ipswich Town with their strong looking squad. Oxford United played some great football last season and I see them carrying this on, finishing 3rd ahead of Portsmouth and Lincoln City. Hull City make a return to the 3rd tier for the first time since 2005 and should make the play-offs with their current squad. Just missing out on the play-offs in my predictions are Fleetwood Town. I've included just one of the promoted teams in the relegation places, with Northampton Town potentially struggling after what seems like the most unlikely of promotions. The other promoted teams Swindon Town, Crewe Alexandra and Plymouth Argyle will all be hoping to surprise a few with their fast attacking football. I've placed them all in mid-table. Joining the Cobblers in my predicted relegation zone are bookies favourites to go down Rochdale, narrow escapees last season Gillingham and a Bristol Rovers team embarking on a 5th successive League One campaign after 4 average mid-table finishes.

(club badges not property of Wallcharts 360)

003 - League Two Predictions 2020/21

8th September 2020 - Matthew

Mansfield Town always seem to be favourites and this year I agree. Exeter need to forget their play-off disappointment quickly but should be up there again with their quality. Cheltenham to sneak into the final automatic promotion spot ahead of Bradford City. Forest Green Rovers to make the play-offs after a few years of progress in League Two. Walsall and Newport County to join them in the top 7. I can't see anything other than Stevenage relegation, something incredible needs to happen to bounce back from winning 3 games last season. I may have been unfair on Barrow as I'm not familiar with their squad yet, but there is a tendency for promoted teams to need a season to adjust to the football league. Bookies favourites Bolton have a young squad who aren't too used to winning. I predict 8th place in a season of adjusting for the Trotters.

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002 - Premier League Predictions 2020/21

7th September 2020 - Matthew

Man City to reclaim their title back from Liverpool. Chelsea to finish top in London and secure a Champions League spot along with Arsenal. A bit more controversial with Wolves in 5th but why not eh? Bottom 3 are not the common choices.. but second season syndrome is always a threat for teams like Sheffield United. Leeds would be a shock but there are a lot of players lacking Premier League experience in their squad. Burnley were excellent last season but an older squad in a condensed season might not work out this time.

(club badges not property of Wallcharts 360)

001 - Welcome to Finished with Aplomb

6th September 2020 - Matthew

We have created 'Finished with Aplomb' as a side project to Wallcharts 360. It's just a bit of fun really. All of our blog content will probably be posted on Instagram and Twitter so you can keep an eye out for it there. Enjoy!